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INLAND STUDIOS is an artist-run studio, event and exhibition space, in Camberwell, South East London, founded in 2011 by a group of artists.

The space is used to stage exhibitions, performances and workshops, the recurring central tenet of which is a focus upon experimental installation and an emphasis on new and original forms of display. However, our ideas extend beyond the physical space of the gallery; we are interested in thinking about the fundamentals of how art exists in display and how this might be redefined. Most important to us is how it might be absorbed into the fabric of the everyday; not to denigrate its importance but so that it might renew its relevance rather than remain the esoteric terrain of the elite and initiated few.

Although our collective curational approach is not bounded by conceptual parameters, we are keen to work with artists who share with us a research based approach to production. Finished projects may often be informal and spontaneous, however by placing emphasis of the development of a research base for each work we hope to resist the yawning vacuity in meaning and relevance resulting from the draining of critical engagement from both ends of the art world spectrum.

As our long-term collaborative projects show, we are keen to develop projects that deal with the questions of location and site specificity. Our program over the past year has seen the themes of narrative, fiction and futurology recurring in various forms, suggesting a renewed relevance in these ideas to our generation of artists and so demanding a prominence in our ongoing curational program.

In addition to exhibition and studio space we also have a photographic darkroom, which is available for bookings. It is free to use, however artists must provide their own chemicals and must have a basic knowledge of darkroom processes.

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